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Sports Schedule Advertising FAQ

How long have you been in business?

D&D Advertising Enterprises, Inc. has been an incorporated, woman-owned business since March of 1993, with our corporate headquarters in Cincinnati, Ohio.

When will the schedules be distributed?

The schedules will be distributed before the first regular game of the season, usually 1-6 weeks prior.

How many schedules are printed?

We guarantee to print and distribute a base minimum of 1,000 schedules, distributed at a minimum of 50 locations.

Do I get a proof of my ad before print?

Due to our high volume of business, we only supply proofs to advertisers upon request. Most of our customers are repeat customers, so they use the same ad year after year, or only have minor changes from one year to the next. If you would like a proof please request one with your sales associate. Please note that all proofs will have a water mark on them to protect against unauthorized use.

How do I contact my sales associate?

The best way to get in contact with your sales associate is to call us at 1-800-860-2683 and press 0 for the operator to direct you to your salesperson.

I’m skeptical…

It’s good to be a smart consumer! Kudos to you! We’ve been in business since March of 1993, with the same owner, at the same address, and with the same phone number. We aren’t going anywhere! 

While we are not an accredited member of the BBB at this time, you can check out our rating by searching for our business name. Please note that the BBB does not sponsor, endorse or approve individual businesses, or their products and, services.  Their ratings are for informational use only.

How are the schedules distributed?

The schedules are distributed at 50 different locations. These include, but are not limited to, sports bars/pubs, restaurants, grocery stores, hardware stores, bowling alleys, laundromats, fitness centers, etc. as well as the advertisers themselves.

We also distribute through open houses, closings, and relocation packets with the realtor(s) on the schedule. Each distribution location will hang a schedule up and have a supply of schedules for those who would like one.

A complementary supply will be given to each advertiser to display and hand out to their customers as well. We also have media packages with each schedule to further promote the schedules and the participants. See the Media Packages section of the FAQ below for more information.

How do I pay?

We accept all major credit cards or check by phone. You can make payment over the phone to your sales associate, or pay online with a credit card. Unfortunately, we can only take checks over the phone, not by mail.

Are you affiliated with the school/team?

No. D&D Advertising Enterprises, Inc. is not licensed, affiliated with or endorsed by any university, sports institution, or program unless specifically stated in writing. No proceeds from any of the funds collected for your ad will be given to any educational institution or sports team. We exist to support small and medium businesses through low-cost, affordable advertising on the local level.

How do your Media Packages work?

IMPORTANT: If you have questions about the details of the media package for your area, please call US at 1-800-860-2683! To keep the costs as low as possible, we mostly deal with national sales reps, so your local affiliates most likely won’t know any of the details. We are happy to provide any answers and/or documentation you may need.

Each schedule, depending on area and availability, will include a promotional media package. This is NOT a commercial or spot for your specific business. It is to promote the schedule as a whole, and announce where they can be picked up by the general public. These spots will mention each advertiser by name, as a participant on this year’s schedule, and ask the public to please patronize these businesses. Media packages fall into the following categories:

  • Radio and Streaming: Radio is a complimentary part of our distribution and is a free service to all of the participating advertisers. According to Nielsen media research, radio reaches 97% of the population, so this is our go-to package. This package comes with a variation of either radio or “internet radio,” technically called streaming broadcast, or e-radio. In either case, they typically consist of a 30-60 second spot that promotes the schedule as a whole, lists the business participants (meaning you, the advertiser) and that the schedules are available to the public at your location. The spots typically air in a one week window during waking hours (6 am-midnight). Please note that specific times are at the discretion of the radio station. We will not know exact air times prior to them being run.
  • Television spots: Television spots are very similar in layout to the radio spots, and are nearly identical in all ways, with the exception of the visual aspect. The visuals typically feature still shots of the actual ads on the schedule showing off the art quality (i.e. your business logos and photos!) in addition to announcing the arrival of the schedules.
  • Social Media: (Brand new! Oct. 2016) This is something new that we’re just starting to explore, so we don’t have a lot of details hammered down for generalizing in a FAQ, but we’d feel super bad if we didn’t at least mention it! If your salesperson mentions a social media package, get excited, and hang on for the ride! We’re still working out the kinks on this, so please bear with us! It’s going to be a great service, and we hope, an integral part of the future of our service offerings.

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