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Calendar Advertising

Our beautiful full-year calendars are glossy and high quality, showing popular scenes from around your home town.

How Does it Work?

1-iconPick your package and send us your ad, or have us create a new ad for you. Offerings and availability vary by area, so contact us to get the best deal.

2-iconYour customers and new potential customers pick up the calendars for free at dozens of locations in your local area – and we send a bundle to your location as well.

3-iconYou’ll find our calendars being used in offices and businesses around your city!

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Many packages are available.

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Why Try Calendar Advertisement?

Appealing – Customers love a free gift.

Functional – Something that they can use all year. Studies show calendars are viewed at least once a day.

Personal – When someone gets a calendar, they know that they’re one of the select few that got one.

Billboard – Whether hung up in the home or office, everyone that comes into that space sees it on a daily basis. This means that not only does your customer see it, but their friends, family co-workers, or THEIR customers see it too!

Continuity – In 12 months, they “expire.” That means your customers will need to replace it! They aren’t going to forget who gave it to them, so where do you think they’re going to come back to get another one? Your business!

Efficient – What better way to be efficient than to put your critical advertising dollars directly into the hands of your customers?  They can be a great marketing tool you put right in their hands!

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